Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days

Six hours until I take my husband to the airport.

The seconds keep ticking by as I wait to drop my husband off at the airport where he will begin his journey to Bahrain. He will be gone for 365 days. I really am excited for this next chapter of his career and the things he will learn and see while being away. I am not excited to be left behind. But I married the military and living arrangements aren’t exactly your choice.

I’m not afraid of being alone, I know I will be a lot of the time. I am not afraid of the obstacles that are coming my way, being a single dog mom, I know I will get through it. And I am not afraid we will change, because I know we will. I am not afraid. I am sad. That is 365 days without my best friend. 365 days I will not get to hug him. 365 days of missed kisses. That’s two birthdays, our anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a New Year I will never get back.

“time will fly by”

Four words spoken that seem to be true. I know my days will be filled with my routines and life will continue on going the way it has been. But time will not fly by. I will be counting down every second, every minute, of every hour until I get to hug you again. Time only flies when I am with you.

I miss you already anticipating your departure.

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