I have had such a busy week. I feel like I have been constantly running around trying to make sure the pups have enough time to play and not be alone, while still trying to make it to the gym.

Hubby has been gone for four days now.  The time difference is already a struggle. I wake up and it’s late afternoon where he is. He wakes up and I am trying to settle down for bed. I am sure once he starts working the time difference will be even more difficult. My goal is to at least FaceTime him once a day once he begins his job. So fingers crossed we can make that work.

The next year I feel like the most important thing will be communication and making time to see each other on FaceTime. I am sure everyone is thinking “how can you not make time?” Sometimes it’s hard. We have our own lives too and that is important. How many of you have a hard time communicating with your loved one and they live in the same house? It’s okay to admit it. We all get busy with our lives and once we get home we would rather sit on our cell phones looking at other people’s lives than actually speaking with our best friend about their day or anything going on in this crazy world.

Communication is hard and it is hard work.

Today I challenge you to put the phone down and talk to your best friend about anything. Politics, love, movies, controversy. Don’t talk about the kids, chores, work, or things you are constantly nagging and fussing about. Remember what it felt like getting to know them when you first met and keep learning about them. We all change as we grow. Keep learning and communicating about those things you used to always talk about while getting to know one another. So put down your phone and have a face to face conversation about anything and remember why you fell in love every day. Don’t take those amazing conversations for granted, a lot of families don’t get that option every day.

I saw one of my favorite quotes today. It’s a reminder for me to be positive (because I get irritated easily). So I decided to share it with you 🙂

Have a great Saturday, friends!


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