Day 1

I woke up at 3 am to take my husband to the airport yesterday. I stood in the kitchen drinking my coffee while I watched my husband say goodbye to our doggie children.

They are dogs. I get it, but watching someone you love say goodbye to something they love is hard. I held back tears and finished my coffee. I remember thinking of all the wives out there staying strong for there kiddos as daddy said “see ya later” filled with hugs and kisses. We appreciate your strength for your family. ❤

I walked through the airport carrying a bag. I made it all the way to the security checkpoint and just remember thinking this is my stop, this is where I say “see ya later” for a year. And tears started rolling down my face. (insert eye roll) I was trying so hard not to cry yesterday. I didn’t want my husband to worry while he traveled to a new country by himself. He had enough to worry about. But I cried, and I couldn’t make it stop. We kissed for what felt like an hour because we didn’t want the last one to be the last one.

I watched him walk through the security checkpoint waving goodbye. As I walked back to my car every person in that airport was staring as I constantly wiped tears from my eyes just so I could see where I was going. (so embarrassing) but I did the best that I could.

I made it home to an empty, quiet house. I remember thinking about how I needed to get my life together for class but decided to snuggle with my fur babies instead. I was finally able to just cry without feeling like I needed to hold back tears. And at that time, that it what I needed.

Day 1: I got dressed and put makeup on and remember thinking “let’s just do it” we have 365 days. So I put on my sassy pants and took on the day, already missing him every second.

My advice for others today is: it’s great that you are strong for yourself and your family but sometimes it is A-okay to curl up on a couch with a pint of ice cream and cry if that’s what you need. Take time to take care of your own needs first. I am a firm believer that if you aren’t happy you won’t be able to make others happy. And we need all the happiness in the world we can get right now.


Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days

Six hours until I take my husband to the airport.

The seconds keep ticking by as I wait to drop my husband off at the airport where he will begin his journey to Bahrain. He will be gone for 365 days. I really am excited for this next chapter of his career and the things he will learn and see while being away. I am not excited to be left behind. But I married the military and living arrangements aren’t exactly your choice.

I’m not afraid of being alone, I know I will be a lot of the time. I am not afraid of the obstacles that are coming my way, being a single dog mom, I know I will get through it. And I am not afraid we will change, because I know we will. I am not afraid. I am sad. That is 365 days without my best friend. 365 days I will not get to hug him. 365 days of missed kisses. That’s two birthdays, our anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a New Year I will never get back.

“time will fly by”

Four words spoken that seem to be true. I know my days will be filled with my routines and life will continue on going the way it has been. But time will not fly by. I will be counting down every second, every minute, of every hour until I get to hug you again. Time only flies when I am with you.

I miss you already anticipating your departure.